Waxing in Salem. Hot Wax is a Waxing Salon specializing in Eyebrow, Bikini and Brazilian Waxing in Salem Oregon

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Hot Wax is a waxing salon in Salem specializing in eyebrow shaping and Bikini and Brazilian waxing. Other services offered include eyelash and eyebrow tinting!

Hot wax, or hard wax, is melted to a thicker consistency than warm, or soft wax. As it cools down it shrink wraps around the hairs, gripping them tightly. The wax is then pulled off the skin without the need for a strip. Warm, or soft wax, is a thinner consistency than hot wax and requires a strip for removal. Warm wax is best suited for larger areas.

Waxing in Salem

Looking for eyebrow, bikini or brazilian waxing in salem Oregon? Check out what our customers are saying!

Samantha did a fantastic job on my bushy eyebrows that now look like they belong on my face. Very caring and attentive to what you want done. Will continue going!

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Hair removal isn't just for women!  Waxing services are available in the salon for men as well.

Wanting to try a Brazilian Wax? Unsure how to shape your eyebrows? Going on Vacation and not wanting to worry about unwanted hair? Wanting to look your best for a big event? Relax, schedule an appointment and leave it to a professional! We are available 7 days a week by appointment!

Why wax here? We use high quality waxing products from France. For intimate waxing services, we use only high quality hard wax, so you're sure to notice a difference! Hard wax shrink wraps around the hair only, leaving the skin less irritated from the treatment.

We follow strict guidelines for sanitation for your health and safety. Double dipping of the wax stick will never happen here! All tools and implements used in the service are washed and disinfected before and after every service, disposable items are thrown out after each service and you will always be provided with fresh linens.

If you are new to waxing and have questions, we will happily guide you through the process and aftercare. Your comfort is important! We understand that your first Bikini or Brazilian wax can be a little scary. We strive to give you the best service possible and we always look forward to meeting new clients!